• Formation and promotion of People Organizations like SHG,  farmers groups
  • Training and facilitation relation to natural resource management and rural development activities
  • Formation of seed bank for Biodiversity conservation and utilization at the village level
  • Creation of herbal / kitchen gardens at the house hold level to provide food security and to fulfill the nutritional requirement of the family for the improvement of health status
  • Promotion of vermicompost NEDEP compost, improved FYM, liquid manures like jeevamrutha and panchagavya, and use of Bio fertilizers to improve the soil fertility and there by improving the crop yield
  • Promotion of Tree Based Farming system for their sustainable livelihood.
  • Water conservation through watershed programme, rainwater harvesting, better water management practices etc
  • Marketing linkages for women groups, value added products and for small enterprises
  • Micro financing for the People organization to create the self reliance and self dependent of the community and individual as well
  • Promotion of Organic farming through effective utilization of local resources,
    mixed cropping and brining integration at the crop, farm and at the
    village level

Specialization subject wise

  1. Sericulture / Agriculture/ Horticulture and natural resource management
  2. Social Service
  3. Documentation specialist
  4. Social Science & Women empowerment
  5. Finance Management specialist
  6. Computer programmer
  7. Typist / Office assistant
  8. Biodiversity conservation specialist