BHOOMI is bringing out the publication from time to time, among the publications books, posters, charts, articles and many others. BHOOMI has a separate wing for the publications It has published “Savayava Chittara” a book on successive stories of organic farmers, Velvet beans – Nelakke jeeva tumbuva magic balli (Green manuring and fodder creeper), Nelamoola krishi Jnana – documentation on agriculture traditional knowledge (ITK-Indigenous Technical Knowledge).

With the support of Dept of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka, BHOOMI has published a book titled-Ajjolla: Mevigoo sai, gobbarakkoo Jai ( A fodder and compost culture story), Hasiru Haadi (Organic farmers success stories) and Hittilu (Terace Garden technology book). ‘Sustira Tota Madona banni – Part 1) (Agro forestry Technologies), Sustira Krishiyalli Shenga Bele nirvahane (Cultivation of Ground nut with SA practices).

BHOOMI is in the editorial board of a water magazine ‘Jala Siri’ being published by DHANYA, an NGO that works on water conservation in Tumkur. BHOOMI is also associated with cropping Pattern and dairy sections of Nava Karnataka Publications, a Bangalore based publishing enterprise.

Awareness campaign:
In association with several lead NGOs’, BHOOMI is creating awareness on ‘Rice Diversity’, against and Promotion of Kitchen Herbal Gardens, Rain Water Harvesting through different programs. BHOOMI has associated with Save Our Rice Campaign and FRLHT Institution for these awareness campaigns.