The organization has initiated an innovative method of cultivating ragi in Malnad region.

The genesis of this work in conserving the local genetic resource and brining in a change with the cropping pattern is a milestone for the organization. Only 3 farmers have initiated this experiment of cultivating a local variety of ragi  ‘Guli’ method in Yedehalli, Sakleshpura taluk.

Protecting Bio-diversity is essential to ensure food security and maintain the ecological balance. Landraces are collected from similar ecosystems and distributed to farmers for further multiplication, selection, purity, characterization and conservation. Steps have also been taken to preserve and protect traditional varieties of paddy, ragi, minor millets and vegetables that are on the verge of extinction. Women through their multiple roles as farmers, gardeners and seed custodians play a major role in shaping this diversity.

In Yedehalli and Phaluguni villages the organization has conducted training programme for safeguarding the genetic diversity of food crops – paddy, ragi, pulses, millets, vegetables, spices and so on that are being maintained by farmers. These areas hold unique and important genetic materials that could be strictly protected. Now the organization has initiated to safeguard more than 30 varieties of paddy.